Estate Planning: Considerations

We never know what tomorrow brings.

Will you be ready? If you aren’t ready now, you cannot wait. Call now because consultations are free. You have no reason to procrastinate.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Into every life, the rain must fall.” Ask yourself, “When those rains come am I ready? Do I have a well-thought out plan?” If you answer “no” to these questions, you are already late.

Simply put, there are people with an updated, well-designed plan in place; and those who don’t.

Right now, if you don’t have an updated, well-designed plan in place, you and those you love can be at serious risk. You must call now, before the rain falls. Be ready.

Put another way, if you already have a well-designed plan in place, you’ve lessened the risk to you and your loved-ones.  But if you don’t have a good plan in place, you will likely find yourself “in crisis-mode,” rushing from one attorney to the next and never knowing if your attorney/client relationship is an appropriate fit. So, call immediately. The consultation is free.